Who’s Who

Ibrahim Clemence, ring bearer. Sara’s five-year old nephew coined many of the phrases we use around the house every day, including “I sorry,” “Focus on your milk,” and “I don’t think so, Jonesie!” When he was asked to be a ring bearer in the wedding, he said, sighing with resignation, “I’ve already done that before.”
Matt and Andrew

Matt and Andrew

Matt Sanocki, Best Man.  Matt is Jay’s brother and best friend.  He represents all good things.

Scott Silveri (middle) also represents Brian Kelley (right)

Scott Silveri, groomsman.  Scott was AJ’s roommate at Harvard. AJ chose him to represent the Harvard Years: Cambridge, the Harvard Lampoon, the Hogs, and all the promise of years to come.

Jon Ebel pondering the future

Jon Ebel, officiant.  Jon was AJ’s roommate in the Navy. As such he represents the Navy Years: the Navy, Whidbey Island, Janus No-Load Mutual Funds, Seattle gos, singlehood and first signs of increasing desperation.  Jon also represents the ocean.

Brian Scully on his wedding day

Brian Scully, groomsman.  Brian was Drew’s roommate at Stanford Business School. Drew chose him to represent ‘the Stanford Years’: Palo Alto, Spain trips, Our Team, In-N-Out, and the accelerating decline into back-stabbing, skinnyfat bodies, and anxiety.  He also represents vowels and world peace.  He will dress and dance accordingly.

Sina Djafari in happier years

Sina Djafari, groomsman.  Sina is Drew’s business partner at DesignPublic.com. Drew chose him to represent ‘the Professional Years’: DesignPublic.com, entrepreneurship, massive IT migrations, unfulfilled destinies, and losing it.  Sina also represents money, wind, and emotion.

Katie with the groom

Katie with the groom

Katherine Rollins, groomswoman.  Drew has roomed with Katie in three separate apartments. Four if you count a tent at Burning Man. She has housed him, fed him, and nurtured him back to health on a number of occasions. Indeed, Sara and Drew have made a “second home” of Katie’s “second home” up on the ocean in Maine, and they are excited about her upcoming wedding in September.
Alexandra Wolfe, bridesmaid. Ali and Sara met while working together at Conde Nast Portfolio. They are two-thirds of the self-named Committee, which met every morning in Sara’s office to discuss matters that had absolutely nothing to do with work. Sometimes they even invited “guest stars” to have lunch with them.

Upper East Side, 1992

Cassi Feldman, bridesmaid. Sara’s best friend from Hunter College High School, with whom she shared endless phone conversations about the boys they had crushes on. A do-gooder journalist, she spent her honeymoon volunteering in Haiti. Since she was married last year, guests should direct any and all questions to her.
Mariam Razaq, bridesmaid. Wife of Sara’s brother, Todd. Mom of rambunctious Ibrahim, smiley Idris and newborn cutie Mohammed. A doctor, a neat freak, a force of nature, a totally hilarious woman.
Marybeth Bentwood, bridesmaid. Sara and Marybeth became friends in New York City, and have shared more bottles of wine than either care to remember (or can remember).  She’s always the first into the skinny-dipping pool, can cook dinner for 50 people while seeming completely relaxed.
Sarah Landis, bridesmaid. Sarah and Sara rowed crew together freshman year at Johns Hopkins, and by senior year were sharing an apartment, demolishing untold numbers of tortilla chips and getting into trouble all over Baltimore.
Vicky Dulai, bridesmaid. When they met a half-dozen years ago, Vicky reportedly wrote Sara off as a potential friend. In 2010, she hosted Sara and Drew’s engagement party in East Hampton. A public health maven and mom, she normally exhibits better judgment.
Kelli Parker, designer. One of Sara’s style idols. Sara and Kelli became instant friends when they worked together at the Albany Times Union in 2005. Thank her for the wedding invitations—and check out à deux bespoke bridal paper.